It is a great gift to have someone listen to your heart, to help you discover your strengths and courage, and find freedom from past and present pain. George did that for me and I am changed.
~Wife and mother
George has made a huge difference in my life and my family. His insight is deep and practical. It works...long term and short term.
~Father and husband
"He dug beyond the superficial pain and illustrated to me how big and how powerful God was," she said. "And he incorporated my family into my treatment because I had wounded relationships."
~Teenager recovering from depression

People are more capable than they think. But often they are more wounded than they think. We equip people with the skills and support they need to fulfill their potential, and live in abundance.

We employ a creative and professional approach dedicated to working in partnership with the community and the people we serve.

The Daily Courier Feature Article

Avoiding the pitfalls of bullying, teen depression
For Prescott Valley girl, spirituality and family were crucial pieces to recovery

With her parents' help, Kate went on to receive a counselor's guidance from the eighth grade through part of her sophomore year in high school. But it wasn't until after her relapse that she met local psychologist George Pritchard, whom she credits with changing her life.
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